RCS (Revision Control System) is a set of utilities for managing versions of files. RCS has been in existence since the early eighties. It was originaly available only on Unix systems. Today, a few ports of RCS to Windows are available.

RCSWinEx is a Windows File Explorer Front-End to RCS. RCSWinEx adds menu items to the contextual menu shown when you right-click on an icon in File Explorer. Via the menu items added by RCSWinEx, you have access to the functionality of RCS to control the revisions of your files. You can register a file to RCS, you can perform check-ins, check-outs and relinquish locks you own on revision(s) of your file.

RCS required

RCSWinEx is simply a front-end to RCS. To use RCSWinEx, RCS must already be installed on your Windows system. One easy way to install RCS is to install Cygwin (www.cygwin.com) and to specify the RCS package option during the execution of the Cygwin Setup. The Cygwin binary directory does not need to be on your search path (environment variable 'PATH') in order to use RCSWinEx.


To install RCSWinEx, download the installer file "rcswinex_1-0-0_installer.zip" from the Latest Release. Unzip the file. This will create a directory "rcswinex_1-0-0_installer". Run the program Setup.exe in this directory. Follow the instructions. The Setup program will ask you for the location of the RCS utilities. If you have installed Cygwin, this directory will be the "bin" sub-directory in the main Cygwin directory. Typically: "C:\Cygwin\bin".

You can uninstall RCSWinEx by using the Add/Delete Program applet of the Windows Control Panel. Make sure no instance of File Explorer is running when you uninstall RCSWinEx.


Please report any bugs to llanglois@users.sourceforge.net.

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